We’re offering a Comprehensive Evaluation, Orthopedic & Neurological Examination, Full Biomechanical Examination, Digital Posture Analysis, Foot Scan and Doctor’s Report of Findings for the special price of $39!

On your visit you’ll get the following:

✅ Comprehensive Evaluation: Let us know where you’re experiencing pain and symptoms and how it has been affecting your daily life.

✅ Orthopedic & Neurological Examination: We will do a complete structural evaluation in order to identify any imbalances and abnormalities that have compromised your body’s ability to heal and function normally.

✅ Full Biomechanical Examination: We will do Cervical Lateral X-Rays and front view X-Rays to determine the underlying cause of your pain and a course of action for correction.

✅ Digital Posture Analysis: We will examine how you’re holding your spine on your nerve system to determine whether your biomechanics are failing and determine if you are overloading one side of your body over the other.

✅ Foot Scan: We will see if you have dropped arches to determine if that’s contributing to your symptoms in other parts of your body. By addressing issues related to the feet, we can also prevent knee, hip surgeries and other ailments.

✅ Doctor’s Report of Findings: Together we will go over the cause of your problems and come up with a plan to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle and enjoying life once again. We have monthly care plans available that are up to 75% off for anyone who books an appointment via this Facebook promotion.

There’s ONLY 30 available so claim yours now. We’re here to help you reduce headaches, stress, neck and back pain, as well as improve your quality of life.

Consider what a pain-free life would allow you to achieve – from keeping up with the kids to finally being able to accomplish the health goals you’ve set for yourself!